Mums Supporting Mums

Here at Miss April Mini we are passionate about doing what we can to support those going through hard-times. At the moment we support two different Charities and are always looking for new ways to support other mums.

grace centre for newborn intensive care the childrens hospital at westmead

The Grace Centre

For every 10 blankets we sell, we donate 1 to the Grace Centre for Newborn Care at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney.

For the first few weeks of his life The Grace Ward was the first home, one of our very own babies knew. The love and care shown by the staff and doctors was second to none, and we are forever in their debt. 

Living away from home in Sydney we didn’t have many of our own belongings with us and we were so grateful for the blankets, clothing and beanies the Grace Ward had available for our baby to use. We know that other parents will be able to put our blankets to good use and hope their little bubs enjoy them as much as we did donating them. 
For more information on The Grace Centre visit 

ronald mcdonald house charities australia logo

Ronald McDonald House

When you purchase from Miss April Mini, a portion from every order is donated to The Ronald McDonald House Charities.
So for your support we cannot thank you enough! 
For more info on RMHC visit